Step Up Dance Program

Step Up is a summer dance program designed to give kids from qualifying families the opportunity to participate in dance. The purpose of the program is to give kids pride in their achievements, knowledge of a sport, and recreation that helps occupy their free time over the summer break. For students who already know how to dance, this program lets them learn how to teach and plan a dance recital. Through United Way of Eastern Utah's partnership with the United Community Housing Alliance of Carbon County (UCHACC), youth from different backgrounds have the chance to teach and learn from each other, encouraging success through dance.

Students are informed of the program through the UCHACC. UWEU assists with determining qualified students for the Step Up program. The program is for kids in Kindergarten through 6th grade; students are divided into classes by age range. Classes offered: Beginning Tap, Beginning Ballet, and Beginning Hip-Hop. These classes are available for boys and girls.

Student teachers are recruited from local dance companies and the Carbon High Drill Team. They are supervised by an adult, and assisted with planning and expectations through UWEU.

Dance gear and costumes for a recital are donated from parents of dancers in the community. Local businesses also sponsor the program so that snacks and supplies can be purchased if necessary. A $10 fee for dance gear is required to help students commit to the program, and all proceeds go to funding the program in the subsequent years.

Please check back for how we're handling Step Up in 2021 during COVID.